First Gutenberg native post

Hey, so here it is! The Gutenberg release has finally dropped and is now available to any new post you make right in the back end of WordPress.

There it is, just hit the + arrow and chose a ‘block’ the foundation of using Gutenberg inside the editor. This image was drag and dropped and ‘thumbnail’ selected for image size.

There are tonnes of elements, sorry, Blocks to go through and I haven’t really experimented much yet although I was testing the Plugin version on this very blog for a few months before and I find it mostly quite intuitive and easy to use.

Block options by clicking the drop down. This is a medium sized image, left justified.

So while it might not be a full blown sophisticated all encompassing Visual Page Builder experience, I am sure there is quite a lot you can achieve with it.

Now having said that, this blog is as barebones as it gets. On purpose. It really is just my test bed for front end desktop publishing, I haven’t played with page templates, made custom shortcodes or added a Page Builder, nor do I run a stack of Plugins, as you can see here:

This is a full size image. I simply drag and dropped that screenshot directly into the editor from Finder. Seamless.

So adding media is way easier. Putting a block on a page is a cinch, and to me it looks like you can just do quite bit more as an entry level user who just wants to publish stuff.

I can imagine for some of the Premium Themes are there this could be an entirely different story, and compatibility with plugins needs to be a priority if you are switching over today, do your due diligence and back everything up before you update. 

Here’s a nifty block that adds a ‘Quote”.

Gutenberg Quote block
  • A nice easy to use list
  • Add another point
    • Bring up the block editor to indent by hovering in the top right corner of current block.

Quite simple. There is nothing too fancy that will freak you out from day one, just as I said earlier think about your Premium Themes & Plugin compatibility before you update and then you can always roll back if things break.

More Gutenberg stuff later as I play with it.

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