Standing at the crossroads #100DaysOfCode #RD1D22

Today I completed the free course on JavaScript by Gordon Zhu ‘Practical JavaScript‘.

I gotta just say that this course has been the most inspirational and motivational course on learning to code I have ever taken, and I have taken many, not to mention that I did a Masters in Digital Media, while on a very similar path – trying to become a programmer.

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Night Time Study = Bad Vibes #RD1D13-15

After Day 12’s  hallmark occasion of publishing a WordPress theme I was ready for the next thing, even though I was bummed I couldn’t get my JavaScript (JS) working so I had to kinda skip a fairly large important chunk of that course, the lack of response from the tutor simply meant I had to put it behind me and move on, and circle back to it later when I have a better knowledge of JS.

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I put this Theme here: #R1D12 #100DaysOfCode

I don’t know if this is a landmark or a train wreck because I have been looking at it so long I can’t see  the forest for the trees anymore.

Also because I failed to get my JavaScript files to load independently so the Live Search features and other dynamic features such as Notes and Likes are not functioning as I would like. However, I did push my first functioning WordPress Theme LIVE for the world to see.

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