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Day 8, log file

Today started with revisiting the gist I started in GitHub with some advice from a pal who I worked with remotely while I was at Envato. He very kindly offered to help me work on my WordPress Theme project that I am creating while following a Udemy Course “Become a WordPress Developer“.

It’s a bloody great course and Brad is obviously a highly skilled instructor or lecturer, but unfortunately he seems to have disappeared from the platform and even my attempts to reach him on Twitter have failed, so there is ZERO support to Q&A which is really sad. I don’t wanna bag him, but it is what it is.

8 days ago, no response, sad face

Moving along from that, there have been such an overwhelming amount of people in the dev community volunteering their help it is amazing.

Shout outs:

So that is really cool and helps make me feel like I am not alone in my office bashing nubs aimlessly.

I installed the Gutenberg Plugin today too, in fact I wrote this post with it. More thoughts on that later. Back to the code for now.

I  got an interesting email from Code Academy too, it’s about learning Python and their community, will definitely be making some time for that at some point.

Here is some code that is confusing the hell out of me at the moment…

class Search {
// 1. describe and create/initiate our object
constructor() {
this.openButton = $(".js-search-trigger");
this.closeButton = $(".search-overlay__close");
this.searchOverlay = $(".search-overlay");



// 2. events
events() {
this.openButton.on("click", this.openOverlay.bind(this));
this.closeButton.on("click", this.closeOverlay.bind(this));

// 3. methods (function, action…)
openOverlay() {

closeOverlay() {



export default Search;

Not very advanced stuff, just some basic JavaScript that is targeting a CSS class “search-overlay–active” with the on-click command, but do you think I can get it to work? Noooo!

Problem seems to be the way I am using or bundling my Scripts.js file… I am aware that WordPress only seems to load the bundled-scripts.js file by default but I have used the “enqueue-scripts” method in my functions.php file and I still can’t seem to make it load the file.

Note in line 4 I have tried to use a simple alert to fire off a pop up to no avail, so I’m still scratching my head about it.

One day I’ll look back on this and laugh, I hope.

Probably the biggest step forward to was learning about a Dev Tool from Ivor called CodeKit. I’d been really struggling with Gulp as mentioned and just couldn’t get my head around Node.js yet and the npm tool set, so he mentioned I should check out CodeKit and it turns out to be the exact thing I needed.

Very simple to use, and has the exact feature I need which bundles the build together after any change to any code in the project and allows me to preview it live in a browser. So that bundled up with Local by Flywheel and I feel like I have the right dev environment for me going forwards.

I’ll try and do some more in-depth review stuff on those tools later on.

For now, logging out.

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