Night Time Study = Bad Vibes #RD1D13-15

After Day 12’s  hallmark occasion of publishing a WordPress theme I was ready for the next thing, even though I was bummed I couldn’t get my JavaScript (JS) working so I had to kinda skip a fairly large important chunk of that course, the lack of response from the tutor simply meant I had to put it behind me and move on, and circle back to it later when I have a better knowledge of JS.

I’d already convinced myself that that thing would be a course by instructor Andrei Neagoie on Udemy,  The Complete Web Developer, from Zero to Mastery.

NEWSFLASH: Brad is alive and kicking and has posted an update on using the Automation tools in his ‘Become a WordPress Developer’ course on Udemy. This could be a huge update win for me! 

So days 13 and 14 of my #100DaysOfCode challenge started watching the first 40 lessons of so of that. It’s great and Andrei is an engaging tutor and I can tell it is going to be  a good course ultimately, there is sooo much to learn and really exciting stuff too like building a face recognition app, but so like me, and stupid internet, while I was tweeting about my day I got caught up in a discussion about my frustration learning JS and a Tweep sent me off to look at this other course online by Gordon Zhu called WatchandCode (W&C). 

The Complete Web Developer dashboard in Udemy

So instead of completing another ‘first HTML’ website tutorial I flipped and put it on hold while I signed up for Gordon’s free course on JS and within about three lessons I was convinced this guy was good.

Godorn’s course Watch and Code

He has a really awesome style of tutorial and is a very talented developer seemingly, but he uses a story telling method of analogies that just ‘work’ for me… so instead of sticking to one course at a time, of course I decide taking three would be better.

Funnily enough, today, as I write this summary up I hit this section in W&C, an interlude in fact where Gordon discusses the ‘process’ of being a good developer. Needless to say it hit a nerve because not only does he put me to shame with my seemingly inane question asking when I should work it out for myself, he clearly states the importance of being focussed and staying with the one task at a time.

It’s about now that I realise I am probably going about this learning stuff in a kind of haphazard way that might not really be that effective, and I am nothing if not King (or possibly Queen) of productivity.

So another watershed moment really, thanks Gordon.

I also remembered the other thing about my learning capability. They not great at night time after a day on the tools elsewhere and being quite fatigued. I’m into about a third of his course content and we are doing stuff around Booleans and using a Boom operator to flip a property from one state to the opposite and it’s hurting my brain.

So I’m going to stop for tonight, but it’s been a great week of learning stuff. I’ve had almost four full days straight on the puter and I really feel like there has been some excellent progress, some excellent resources uncovered and some new exciting tools that really make me feel quite developeree. There, must be late, I made a word.

Ok, onto the next few days mean I will be working so the most you will get out of me is a few tweets, I’ll be reading Gordon’s article “How to be great at asking coding questions” a few hundred times because that is definitely an area I want to improve.

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