Another #100DaysOfCode Summary post

Are there rules? Do weekends count? Are you reading this? Does anyone care? Am I really just an imposter?

These are some of the crazy thoughts I encountered from days 16 to now… which I believe is day 18, it’s kinda crazy the pressure I have put on myself to keep this up now that I have publicly declared my commitment. It drives me in one sense, and it drives me insane in another. Regardless, I am making some great progress.

I’m still a bit flip floppy all over the place after reading Gordon Zhu’s excellent article and starting his course (details in my last post here) and realising that I have lost focus and started too many things at once which is so my stile truth be known.

So the weekends are a bit tough for me to accomplish much but I did spend time intermittently on FCC where I was stuck on a challenge. Straight after the Golf Code challenge. Strangely I powered up until this point and now I am really bogged down.

Days 16 -17

the challenge code…

This was about the use of switch statements that have multiple inputs with the same output and I was struggling to get my head around it. I thought I would need to run the values together in an array and I got confused by the numbers vs values and strings… so I was stuck for quite a good few days ruminating the solution.

Turns out it was easier than I thought, just hadn’t read the instructions well enough! Doh!

Once I declared the case values on separate lines it validated straight away, feels good though because I think my comprehension of switch statements is much stronger now.

So between that brain buster, and reading Gordon’s article a few times, I also dived back into a book on WordPress that I bought many years ago from Smashing Magazine. Back then it was too much for me and I didn’t have a handle on the Loop and PHP at all so it just went straight over my head, but NOW… now I really understand what it is talking about. Even though it is wildly out of date now being six years old it still has plenty of interesting stuff to go over.

My little Pixel C tablet puter and the Smashing WordPress book I’m digesting.

I still have it in my mind that I want to develop a killer WordPress theme one day, and one thing really caught my attention while going over it this weekend. You can use multiple Child Themes inside of a WordPress Theme to just switch out styles. I don’t know why I had never thought of it but I guess because I am still so green behind the ears… anyway, I keep thinking about what my Theme is going to be about and what kind of features I am going to create to make it stand out and that really struck a chord with me. 

I’ll keep progressing that idea and see what comes of it, just feels good to know that I have learnt stuff and my knowledge is definitely building.

Day 18

Today I wanted to take a ‘break’ from the learning and do some actual coding. So many projects have backed up while I keep putting things on hold to study but that’s the nature of programming I guess. 

So today was all about doing and I really enjoyed getting stuck into it, totally surprised myself at how quickly I could smash a website together using Bootstrap and some good question asking on Google.

I am building a site for my partner and his business, it’s still got a ways to go but I did quite a decent amount of stuff to it today.  Check it out.*

*Apologies for the load on this, it’s hanging off the back of a WP install on a cheap hosting solution just while I work on it, all feedback welcomed.

I have lots of works to do on this page featuring the vans because there is clearly some weird stuff going on with the cards I have used and the placement… I simply copy and pasted more cards to the end of the rows and I think it is throwing things out of whack because I haven’t used the styles properly. Got a bit excited to throw stuff up! 

What did surprise me was how much I knew and how to get the pages up and running and links to each  section, changing the CSS to style the active page in the menus… and even getting a sort of working contact form going. 

Clearly miles of improvement to go, but another moment in my journey to becoming a developer ticked off.

Definitely had enough for today though, sheesh my brain turns to melted cheese by the end of the day. 

Until tomorrow.

Oh, one last thing, I googled when I will finish my first 100 days so I have a goal to work towards, turns out to be August 11 which feels like it is coming up way faster than I like. Might turn into 200 or even 300 days of code before I’m any good at this.

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