Microblogging ideas

I thought that I might mess with super quick posts in WordPress as a place to save things that inspire.

Bear with me, this might evolve.

First up I’ve been reading this excellent book called ‘Adaptive Web Design‘ by Aaron Gustafson, so some of this stuff is falling out of the permalinks he shares inside of it.

Here is the first one, an interesting post on using microformats.

That’s it for now.

Standing at the crossroads #100DaysOfCode #RD1D22

Today I completed the free course on JavaScript by Gordon Zhu ‘Practical JavaScript‘.

I gotta just say that this course has been the most inspirational and motivational course on learning to code I have ever taken, and I have taken many, not to mention that I did a Masters in Digital Media, while on a very similar path – trying to become a programmer.

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Night Time Study = Bad Vibes #RD1D13-15

After Day 12’s  hallmark occasion of publishing a WordPress theme I was ready for the next thing, even though I was bummed I couldn’t get my JavaScript (JS) working so I had to kinda skip a fairly large important chunk of that course, the lack of response from the tutor simply meant I had to put it behind me and move on, and circle back to it later when I have a better knowledge of JS.

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I put this Theme here: #R1D12 #100DaysOfCode

I don’t know if this is a landmark or a train wreck because I have been looking at it so long I can’t see  the forest for the trees anymore.

Also because I failed to get my JavaScript files to load independently so the Live Search features and other dynamic features such as Notes and Likes are not functioning as I would like. However, I did push my first functioning WordPress Theme LIVE for the world to see.

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